With over 25 years of combined experience in the techology industry, we have helped customers replace aging systems and move with the ebb and flow of the demands of today. We handle printing problems to virtual implementations and everything in between. Specializing in application development, we can improve business functions and get you connected to your customers.

Denise Makris

Denise started in office environments handling the rigors as an IT Admin cutting teeth on new technology.  She was responsible for implenting new systems, and the end user experience. She moved into a system engineer  position handling multiple clients in very different and demanding  technology environments. She opened Makris Consulting as a way to improve customer experience and help them realize their business potential.

Todd Makris

Creating, that is what Todd is about. He has created education & business applications, and websites that are top notch. For years working as an outside system engineer for customers, his knowledge is vast. From design to support, he is your man!